Monday, 10 October 2011

I think that after this long wait, that its time to hit the road. The picture shows the road I'm hitting.  I've spent a fair while now training to the point where wood is no longer good (well, thats a lie!).

But... it is time for granite, and a travel. The Mill has done its job, Indy has played a part, The Cave has had a resurgence, but really - none of those places are where I have wanted to be for a long time.

Soon, I'll be waking up, brewing fresh coffee and brushing holds.  Slowly warming up into the day - nothing in the way of the concentration.  The smell of pine, the breeze as you wait for that moment....

Next Sunday, thats it.  1130 miles from my house to the problem. Its time to try and realise what I have been thinking about for 6 months, to try and live a bit of a dream really. I watched a video of the 1st ascent earlier today, and WOW - I'm gonna do it!!

WATCH THIS SPACE... (or not!)...
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