Thursday, 20 October 2011

Emotional Times

So, we finally made it here - Malta, Austria. The project in mind revealed: Emotional Landscapes 8b+, and worth every ounce of the grade,

It has been a long haul from training at The Mill, to getting onto the problem, and its stunning. The drive was epic as usual - 1200miles in the the 98' 106 and fair play to the bronze beast, it got us here in one piece.

After having spent 2 days working the problem , on first aqaintance it was apparent that this is the real deal, Klem was indeed very strong, and the moves are nails!! I'm glad - cheap ticks are not worth the petrol, and its great to get stuck into something quite special and very hard.

So far, success has been minimal, but I'm starting to feel the moves, the power is seeping in and I have a sequence. I have no idea ast this point if I can get this done in such a short amount of time, but I am as always optimistic.

The snow has fallen today, and it has forcast minus degrees, so hopefully the holds will remain white, as opposed to blackening out after two seconds on the rock. A rest day today, down in Gmund, will hopefully lead to the stand up being done tomorrow. Temperatures are so important at this stage - the problem basically centres around 8 very powerful moves, all of which are very hard to link.

As ever, I love it, and am happy to spend the next few days on my pad, looking at the boulder and trying to move and link on this amazing piece of climbing. More soon.....
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