Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Sudden Urge and a Long Wait.

After having been training now for the last four months with a further two more to go, thinking about getting over to my destination for the start of it all still seems like such a long wait.

I was listening to a fair bit of music today, and most of it seemed to lead my mind astray into thoughts of wanderlust.  Its been a fair while now since I last went on a trip (maybe three years), with the last one giving me Power Of Goodbye over in Austria as a prize for my efforts.  Even Daisy was playing Manu Negra upstairs, reminding me of trips to central America nearly fours years ago.

After a few weeks of injury, I went back to the wood expecting to have been totally shut down.  Surprisingly enough, it was quite the opposite, and I had my best session since I began the whole thing.  If your reading this, then I guess your probably getting pretty sick of ramblings of wooden boards and sanded, sloping 2mm footholds (tension - hell yeah!).  Believe me, I can't wait until I can write about sweeping granite formations in awe inspiring, mountainous settings.  Tales of bravado, perseverance, wasted nights and massive success rates.  Well, despite the sudden urge, I too will be waiting until October 16th to get over to attempt Plan A, and in the meantime keep on plugging away.

Work is soon to get in the way of the whole thing, so I guess its a matter of maintaining current form, and maybe dropping a four or five of pounds (not much - skinny doesn't get power).  I can just about deal with real life for this amount of time.

The draw of waking up in the wild, next to the rocks is begining to eat at me.  Brewing a strong fresh coffee, staring out over the mountains and wondering - will it go? Genius.

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