Saturday, 22 October 2011

Right then, it seems to be taking a while to push this one forward. I'm still pleasantly suprised as to how hard this is, mostly due to the fact that lots of people claim hard ascents abroad (including me!), that just are'nt that difficult. This on the other hand, is proper nails. To give you a picture, Jon Gaskins' 'Heart of it All', but beatiful and more of it. Enough said...

I had a session yesterday after two days on and a rest day, and things are moving on well, but slowley - three weeks would be great! Three cruxes which keep moving - the first move is bloc 8a in my head, and a hop match on the photo to get this crimp ready for the jump - harder. The final one is the jump, but this is just conditions to move confidintley, and a good core. Currently, I'm sat in a cafe drinking Gussser, which is Gut, Besser, Gusser - but obviously this will not help my six pack function!!

Last time I was here, I formed an affinity to these three trees.  I was trying Power of Goodbye, and each tree became a move.  Basically, we camped in front of of these for two weeks in -26.  I liked the way they looked, and felt that they where very significant for some reason.  I'm here again now with another three, and I hope that if they are watched long enough, with the right chain of consciousness the same may happen.

Difficulty aside, I still believe in Santa, and the tooth fairy is real.
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