Monday, 8 August 2011

Oh Dear - Something has Gone Missing....

Posted by Picasa Training was going very well.  I say was, as all of my super-powers seem to have gone missing.  I have no idea when this happened, but most definitely at some point over the last two weeks.

The Mill was going well, with the last session improving psyche.  The standard 3 hour session was completed in 1hr 29mins, with no problems dropped (around 40 problems, most of which are around 7c - 8a).  All of a sudden, a slight finger niggle, followed by a sore elbow (again) and now a sprained neck.  

The last three sessions have been terrible:  1 x Mountain Bouldering Hit = Dave 1, Chris 0.
                                                                           1 x Cave Session = Crucial Times 0, Chris 1
                                                                           1 x Cave Session = Dave 1, Chris 0
                                                                           1 x Away Hit = Dave 2, Chris 1

Its not difficult to see a pattern emerging here!  I'm not sure if this is a mental block (indoors to outdoors transition?), or a physical one?  I could have used by bodies natural glycogen resources over doing it and dieting (all the weight is now back on, by the way). Also, with being injured, this can lead to muscular and neurological shut down to avoid further injury.  Who knows - one thing I do know for sure is that I cant pull right now!

I'm going swimming in a bit, and then up in the mountains tomorrow.  Most importantly, I'm back to The Mill on Thursday.  I think at this point it is very important to gauge myself on exercises that I know and understand, and then build again from here.  It could all very well be piss and wind, shockingly bad conditions, low psyche on crap limestone - lets hope so. Very minimal alcohol now for a month, and a very healthy and minimal diet.  I've got two months before I go overseas.  V14/8b+ in a trip.  1 repeat in 10 years.  Not a soft tick.  Again, if you find any missing powers, let me know and I'll be mucho appreciato.


  1. Drove past you before Chris leaving the cave. Saw you sat outside a cafe chilling. I didn't see any missing powers though. I certainly haven't robbed them judging by todays performance! tom mills

  2. No way! - you should have joined us! Had just been the gun-sights venue on the west shore. Sam Cattels 8a was cool. Basically a one move 8a into a pretty easy finish - massive swell, but I think I found some powers, although not quite enough for a hard 8a in a session (not far though!). Next time give me a call! be good to say hello.

  3. good to know Mules problem is hard!

  4. Certainly is Doylo. It took a while to warm up, and the crux is getting both feet off the ground (similar to New Noise). Once you have lift off though, it seems like quite a slow/nice move, and the the rest is easy peasy. Good 8a. BIG waves!