Thursday, 7 April 2011

So, what's been happening?

Well, its been pretty messy of late - lots going on but no consolidation!  Now, there's a change.  Lets go back a few weeks:  I had a bit of business in Shepshed, of the Loughborough fame, so decided to nip over to the peak in between meetings for a couple of days.

First up on a pretty misty, slightly damp day was Feel Good up at Eagle Tor.  I looked at and tried this ten years ago on the way to Fontainebleau but was thwarted by rain and a desire to at least keep some of my skin until I got to France.  I wasn't sure if it was banned these days, so sneaked up stealth wise, and hung out for a couple of hours.  Feel Good did feel very good, and I think for a one mover, I would go with Jerry's original grade of 8a.  For a simplistic pull on the grit, its harder than The Joker, which I think 7c/+ anyway (can't beat a bit of contention).  The day was a beauty, with pretty and magical, ethereal qualities.  I could do that every day.

I also walked up to the Stride to check out Sweet Thing.  Sweet indeed, but very damp and grainy.  This is definitely still on from both sitting and standing, and I doubt the grade is any different.  I would love to catch that sloper from either - very tasty.  Next up, Cratcliffe.  I hadn't pulled on T-Crack or Jerry's for at least 8 years, and both where still really cool (Jerry' s is better!).

Rowtor was next:  I like this venue.  I'd had a chat with Dave Mason a while back, who gave me the low down.  Its a bit creepy I think,  what with the obvious Druidic history - you can imagine the tonsured loons sacrificing all sorts up there back in the day.  There is actually a small door way with steps out the back and a tiny room to the right which I was not tempted to go in.  This wasn't through fear of wankered and violent tramps hiding from the rain - there is something slightly bad steeped into some of the holes around there (best left alone  I think).  I did a damp Quince (hopefully not Mo's finest hour?), then alas, back in the car for another stint.

I'm training now.  168 days to go and (sad as it sounds) I am loving the wood.  Nodder is putting me through the paces.  I've never really trained before, so its pretty cool.  I need the coaching, as I'm quite lazy (relying on strong fingers and wizardry can only get you so far these days).  Dave - keep me going!!  We discussed how cool it would be to be able to train every other day in the mill with the current structure for this 168 duration- holy shit, it would be through the roof!  Unfortunately, unrealistic (for me anyway).

Saying this, my dead hanging is 'mucho bueno', so hopefully the rest will follow.  I need to loose 6 pounds, but slowly.  This way, my fingers will consolidate, and the weight will stay off.  Need to keep the guns though - its a great club to get free membership to.  Can't loose that now , can we.

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