Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Split tips and sore elbows.

Most people would be a bit miffed abut a split tip.  I actually quite like them in a strange way.  The small crescent smile reminds you that you have actually trained hard enough this time, even though the next couple of sessions will be a bit sore.

I ventured out with Ray [Wood] a couple of days ago.  Its been a while and it did remind me that as stated years ago: forget Gresham, Ray should charge by the session as the work out is second to none.  Photographers god bless them, do forget that energy and skin (unlike a bag full of Provia and SD cards) dissipate.  We where shooting for a book due out in the Autumn, titled 'Mountain Portraits' by Dr. Huw Lewis Davies (no relation).

Dr Huw was involved in the creation of the book 'La Homme et la Femme la Mer'.  Very good stuff, and proud to be part of this new one, despite the skin loss.

Also,  I ventured into the Climbing Academy in Bristol yesterday.  I got the usual 'new boy' ass kicking, but held my own on the Beast-maker  against a strong local youth called Omar, formerly of the Skinners School fame, Sussex/Surrey (?  I forget which - damn good stock though, them young rascals).  There was also another one.  I didn't get the name, but he climbs like Katzy.  Good technique, power and tenacity, but without the ski-whiff hairline (and not half as strong!).  Good kids, and very enjoyable session.  I joined the wall, just in case.

Peak tomorrow, Tracks and Sheep Pen on Saturday and Sunday potentially.  Need to work the chest, looking a bit like the Hunchback of Notre Dame at the minute.  And on....

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