Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Psyche is High

So, its been a huge amount of time since I last posted - I guess there hasn't been much to tell.  I've pretty much been training since last March; juggling a handful of projects, and handful of children, and a huge amount of work along with a huge amount of doubt.

To add to this, I bought a house and turned 40 (!), so seemed to lose a couple of months of activity from June through to September.  Oh - lets not forget the weather.  Oh my god - what is happening?  To get a dry day without an early morning downpour to scupper the conditions would be just heavenly.  Seepage is rife in Wales. 

Believe it or not, these are not complaints, I prefer to think of it as a test - a battle of wills if you will.  I've had a great time over the last two months trying a couple of sweet lines, and am very close now - such a relief!  I feel as though my old chain of thought and drive is back - probably even more so than ever before.  I also feel as though I am now stronger than ever - its nice to be feeling that again, its been to long.

Its been a roller-coaster emotionally, this last year or so;  I've lost friends, and gained new ones.  Old friends have returned, and some - well, maybe the relationships where not what I thought they where from the outset.  Its funny what some people can forget if they truly put their minds to it - that's not my loss, but still, I would have expected a lot more from some people.  It's taken me a huge amount of effort, sleepless nights and questioning to be able to move on in the correct direction, and personally, from the doubts suggested by some, to make the correct personal decision - to push even harder.

Project No. 1 - So Cool!

With above in mind, its been a real breath of fresh air, to return back to my routes of real bloc bouldering.  To operating in my bubble, to enjoying the spaces that I visit; and most importantly to really enjoying my climbing again with the people that count.  Currently, I am really fucking psyched - the lines are sweet and life is good (asides from the dampness) and I did feel compelled to write something, if only brief.  Also, I wanted to thank the people that stuck with me and that inspired me to push back, and to carry on doing my thing.

I hope that my next post might be slightly more inspirational, and that you enjoy reading and watching the results as much as I'll enjoy topping out - its been a while and my hands are sweating.  I'm off out. 

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