Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Its getting colder...

Its getting colder...  Hopefully this is it - the late beginnings to the season.  So far, there's been a few forays into the mountains, checking out this years projects.  Despite a pretty poor partnership between skin and rock, things where getting close.  Maybe with the change in the wind, we could be cooking on charcoal.

I think retaining psyche when your mad keen and the weather is not good, or when its mint and your spending days on end on the road, three weeks down, and one hour of pulling for your efforts.  I think all you can do is to keep the weight off.  I had a stomach bug this week, so that helped.

I'm hoping that this weekend, despite turning into a hunchback from all of the driving, I should be ready to pull - I'm reckoning that either the rocks have 'drip-over' from the melting snow, or we'll be lucky enough to see a freeze in the Welsh mountains.  I need to get this latest one sent as the walk is only interesting for a while, then becomes a chore (over an hours walk up into the hills is a fair pop to me at my age).  Still, its keeps you fit and once there, each and every time it blows my mind!!  I am feeling the urge to move on though, as there are various pieces of unfinished business right now, and powers are good.

So, I guess on Sunday there may be something worth reading about on this page of mine.  Stranger things have happened, and either way, I'm feeling sparky.

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